Burmester Selection, Vol 1, 45 R.P.M, DMM, Dupli LP 49.00 
The Voice of ELAC
ELAC, The Voice of, 45 R.P.M., DMM, Dupli LP 49.00 

ELAC, Celebrating 95 Years, 45 R.P.M. DMM, Dupli LP


Loudspeakers convey an important dimension of life: music. Between the extremes of the quiet contemplativeness of some classic pieces and the powerful volume of a home cinema backdrop, the desire for authentic reproduction is united. Reproduction of highs and lows far beyond the limits of human hearing makes sound tangible. ELAC stands for the promise to produce the best possible sound from devices of all kinds.

ELAC is driven by advanced technologies, uncompromising quality and its unique sound.

This is also the motto of this album: special recordings of various musical genres from different continents, specially compiled by ELAC for the celebration of their 95th birthday jubilee. To best transmit this musical experience, the cutting has been made with 45 RPM using the DMM process and 180 Gr. Virgin Vinyl for the pressing.

ELAC – The life of sound.


* 45 RPM

* 180 Gr. Virgin Vinyl



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