Exzellence LS-20 2x2,5mm²
Exzellence LS-20 2x2,5mm²
Excellence Atmos Air
Excellence Atmos Air

Excellence Speaker Cable With MSR Technology

  • MSR®-tehnologija
  • Čisti bakar (bez kisika)
  • Cijena po jednom metru dužine kabla
  • Najfinije upredene (promjer niti 0,07 mm)
  • 1302 /2100 / 3150 niti
  • Vrlo fleksibilan

The Excellence speaker cables MSR use the legendary MSR®-technology (magnetic current reflector). The basis for this is the so-called proximity effect in which adjacent conductors cause an uneven distribution of the electric current. Basis of the patented MSR®-technology is a fine copper strip placed between the conductors which reduces the proximity effect of the two conductors.



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