Reference LS-603
Reference LS-603
Excellence Atmos Air
Excellence Atmos Air

Excellence LS-40

  • Cijena po jednom metru dužine
  • 2 x 5,0 mm2 (4 x 2,5 mm2)
  • PE izolacija s malim gubicima
  • Bakrene žice s nitima 50 x 0,25 mm
  • Dodatni potporni elementi izrađeni od PE
  • Dvostruko simetrična, 4-žična konstrukcija
  • Niska indukcija za homogenu visokofrekventnu reprodukciju

The speaker cable Excellence LS-40 is based on the technical principles of the legendary Reference Series. It consists of four twisted wires. The PE Network Jacket holds the wires tightly together. The insulation is made of high quality, solid PE (Polyethylene). The elaborately finished cable offers a powerfull, dynamic and very clear sound. The 4-wire construction allows the use as a single bi-wire cable.



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