Reference AC-4004 AIR High Quality
Reference AC-4004 AIR High Quality
Reference AC 2404 AIR

Reference AC 2404 AIR High Quality

  • Struktura Air Helix
  • Iznimno niski kapaciteti zahvaljujući zračnom dielektriku
  • 4 bakrene žice | ukupni presjek 2×3,0mm²
  • Uzemljivač (klasa zaštite 1)
  • Pojedinačno testirano (funkcija, izolacija, visoki napon)
  • Gusta zaštitna pletenica od bakra sa zaštitom od oksidacije (kositrena)

A HiFi system basically reproduces nothing else than modulated household electricity. So this should arrive at the device as constantly as possible. In this case, the mains connection cable is of essential importance. The big challenge for power cords are extreme current peaks. They are caused by the connected devices themselves through the conversion from alternating to direct current. These extreme current peaks cause a whole series of unwanted effects. The Reference AC-2404 AIR power cable is specially designed for connecting high-end audio systems and is based on the legendary Air Technology. In combination with the Air technology, i.e. the “omission” of isolation material, which would “absorb” part of the energy like a sponge, the Reference AC-2404 AIR is able to transport very large amounts of energy in a very short time. The many details of the reference AC-2404 AIR counteract the unwanted effects and make it what it is: an outstanding energy pipeline for the highest audiophile demands. With all the love for audiophile sound, safety plays a special role in this cable category. For this reason, every Reference AC-2404 AIR cable is tested extremely carefully. In addition to the intensive function test, each cable also passes through an insulation and high-voltage test. The result is recorded and each cable receives its individual serial number.



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