Reference LS-1204 AIR PURE SILVER
Reference LS-1204 AIR PURE SILVER
Reference LS-804 AIR
Reference LS-804 AIR

Reference LS-1204 AIR

  • Struktura Air Helix
  • Iznimno niski kapaciteti zahvaljujući zračnom dielektriku
  • Cross Link Super Speed valovod
  • 4-fold Multicore
  • Telur-bakreni konektori
  • Izravno spojeni konektori (tlak od 1,5 T)

As speaker cables carry the highest currents in the entire setup, they require an adequate wire size to ensure low-loss transmission. The current generates correspondingly strong magnetic fields. In addition, the cable inductance constitutes a frequency-dependent resistance to the (alternating) current. Therefore, speaker cables are required to be low-inductance. Exactly this has been systematically implemented with the LS-1204 Air: A highly sophisticated wire layout – the “fourfold multicore” design – lowers the inductance, thus producing a fully neutral sound over a wide frequency range. Moreover, the design leads to a neutralization of overlapping magnetic fields around the individual conductors. All frequencies are transmitted freely and without any latency, allowing for producing an incredibly open sound with unprecedented detail. At the end of the Air Helix, the four conductors inside the LS-1204 run into so-called aluminum splitters arranging them for the receiving connector. Between the splitter and the connector, in-akustik implements ultra-flexible parts molded from a special elastomer. These parts are fixed inside the splitter using a specifically designed plastic plug, thus ensuring maximum cable flexibility even in the connector region. The molded parts extend to the connector front and enclose the inner connector components, which underlines the plain yet charming appearance of the LS-1204 Air.



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