Reference LS-1603 SILVER
Reference LS-1603 SILVER
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Reference LS-204 Micro AIR

Reference LS-204 XL Micro AIR

  • Tehnologija Micro AIR
  • ZRAČNI dielektrik
  • Konstrukcija koncentrične bakrene žice
  • 6-struka višejezgrena arhitektura
  • Jedna žica
  • Dostupan kao varijanta BFA, kabelska stopica ili Easy-Plug

We are continuing the story of AIR technology with the new REFERENCE MICRO AIR series: As with the already legendary AIR Helix cables, air is a central component of the insulation concept in the new REFERENCE MICRO AIR technology. However, due to the low loudspeaker impedances low line resistances and low inductance are also very important for loudspeaker cables. For this reason, a total of 6 concentric copper conductors are used in the REFERENCE LS-204 XL MICRO AIR in addition to the air dielectric. Thanks to this multicore architecture, the magnetic fields of the positive and negative conductors overlap and neutralise each other. This reduces the inductance of the cable considerably, thereby guaranteeing unadulterated transmission of the audio signal over a broad frequency range. The LS-204 XL follows this approach and has a well-balanced sound character with precise timing with a well-controlled foundation. This cable is therefore primarily designed for fully-sized floor-standing loudspeakers. Of course, sound always is evaluated subjectively and ultimately depends on the overall constellation of the hi-fi system. In the end the decisive factor is your very personal auditory impression.



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