Star Mini Absorber
Star Mini Absorber
Reference LS-4004 AIR
Reference LS-4004 AIR

Reference LS-4004 AIR PURE SILVER

  • Provodnik od čistog srebra
  • Zračna spiralna struktura
  • Zračni dielektrik osigurava iznimno nizak kapacitet
  • Cross Link Super Speed valovodna tehnologija
  • Dvoslojni višejezgreni
  • Izravno spojeni konektori (tlak od 1,5 T)

The AIR technology is a milestone in our more than 40-year company history and is causing a worldwide sensation in the hi-fi industry. The approach sounds relatively banal: Physical losses must be minimized in order to transmit the original music signal as unchanged and neutral as possible. And AIR technology comes closer than ever to lossless transmission. It leads to significantly better sound reproduction, which is not only subjectively audible, but also objectively measurable. The insulation or dielectric of the AIR cables is almost perfect thanks to the air insulation and hardly influences the sound any more. The construction, dimensions and arrangement of the conductors are optimized and fully exploit what is physically feasible. In order to set another sonic highlight on this basis of audiophile perfection, the developers at in-akustik have now focused on the conductor material of the cables. Copper of the appropriate purity is a very good conductor. A superconductor that does not resist the current would be perfect. However, the superconducting properties of the material require low temperatures of at least minus seventy degrees. Silver is currently the most conductive material under real conditions. At 61.35 S/m (Siemens per meter), its conductivity is about six percent better than that of copper. However, the precious metal is about 100 times more expensive.



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