Reference NF 1204 AIR
Reference NF-204 RCA Micro AIR

Reference NF 1603

  • Provodnik signala velike brzine
  • Trostruko simetrični dizajn
  • DUO-PE II izolacija
  • 16-struka PE-cijevna izolacija
  • Provjera GAP ll
  • PE-mrežna jakna

Due to the large effective overall surface of the six high-speed signal conductors, the Referenz NF-1603 becomes a powerful high-end link. At the same time, the DUO-PE II insulation and the air-filled PE tubes reduce unwanted capacitance and enable the signal source to work comfortably. The GAP II screening of the NF-1603 is a combination of lacquer-insulated wires and an aluminium-coated film with an air gap. The screening prevents the formation of interfering eddy currents. Another highlight of the third-generation is the GAP II cinch plugs, which ensure three-way symmetry in this connection. As an alternative, this cable is also available as an XLR version. The PE network jacket also prevents micro-vibrations.



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