Premium y-sub cable
Premium y-sub cable
Reference Phono Cable NF-202


  • Simetričan dizajn
  • OFC bakar visoke čistoće
  • Zaštita od folije i pleteni rukav
  • DUO-PE II izolacija
  • PE-mrežna jakna
  • Izolacija PE-cijevi

Precisely because audio signals are so sensitive, we have equipped our Reference phono cable NF-202 with some highly-effective technology: optimum DUO-PE II insulation with air-filled PE tubes, an innovative GAP plug, but also in particular an extremely sophisticated, solid conductor made of high-purity OFC copper, which all ensure uniform transit times and crystal-clear signal transmission. The earth and signal conductors are the same size and arranged symmetrically. The PE network jacket prevents micro-vibrations.



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