Premium Doublette
Premium Doublette
Star Mini Absorber
Star Mini Absorber

Star XL Absorber

  • Posebna gumena smjesa za učinkovito prigušivanje rezonancije
  • Učinak amortizacije udara
  • Profil protuklizne površine jamči stabilno prianjanje na svim površinama
  • Promjer 60 mm
  • Visina 5 mm
  • Nosivost 25 kg/set

Shock absorber made of a specially developed rubber compound for effective and wide-ranging vibration damping of sensitive hi-fi equipment such as CD players, turntables, amplifiers or shelf speakers. In addition, the damping feet are also ideally suited for acoustic decoupling of computers or game consoles, as drive noises are no longer transmitted to the surface on which the devices are standing.



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