CLEARAUDIO 40 Years Excellence Edition, DMM, Dupli LP 49.00 
AUDIOLAB 6000A DEMO 699.00 

THORENS, Tribute to a Legend, Various, DMM, Dupli LP


Thorens personal favorite tracks will bring listening pleasure pure. Tracks having accompanied long periods of private and professional life. Recordings from the 70s, 80s and 90s, but also very recent productions, because an interest in and enthusiasm for music doesn’t just stop at some point. Especially not if you can enjoy it with the very best hi-fi technology.

This album is intended to celebrate one turn table in particular: the TD-124 is the epitome of everything that makes Thorens so unique, admirable and desirable.

Let yourself be taken on a journey through a personal record collection. Discover the sonic peculiarities and moods that await discovery from track to track. You’ll discover great test tracks: We’ve emphasized authentic timbres and the greatest possible dynamics during mastering. What you can expect is exciting music, lots of variety – even if the basic genre is Jazz in the broadest sense – and always a bit of a technical as well as a musical challenge.

To best transmit this musical experience, the cutting has been made using the DMM process and 180 Gr. Virgin Vinyl for the pressing.


* 180 Gr. Virgin Vinyl



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