Strujna letva AC-2502-SF8

Strujni kabal AC-2502 In-akustik

  • Žice od čistog bakra
  • 3 x 2,5 mm² presjeka
  • Zaštitni vodič (klasa zaštite 1)
  • Gusta zaštita
  • U skladu s CE
  • s certifikatom

Fundamentally, the output of a hi-fi system is nothing other than modulated household electricity. So this should get to the device with the minimum impediment. Extreme current peaks are the greatest challenge for mains connection cables. They are caused by the connected devices as they convert alternating to direct current. These extreme current peaks cause a whole series of unwanted effects, which is why the power cable is so important. The Referenz AC-2502 power cable is equipped for this demanding task and is designed to connect highquality hi-fi and high-end audio systems. As well as having 3.3 times the prescribed minimum conductor cross-section, it is also equipped with shielding to protect the sensitive audio components in the system from the interference fields caused by the current peaks. SAFETY FIRST: But for all the importance of high-quality sound, safety plays a particular role with this category of cable. That’s why every AC-2502 undergoes an insulation and high voltage test in addition to the standard function test. The results are recorded and each cable is given a unique serial number.



Dimenzije 300 cm
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