WiFi Audio Streaming Receiver
WiFi Audio Streaming Receiver
JUNONE 845S Integrated Amplifier
JUNONE 845S Integrated Amplifier 14,990.00 

Premium Headphone Amp. No. 1

  • Two headphones jacks
  • Integrated USB Digital Analog Converter
  • Integrated USB Digital Analog Converter
  • Latest chip technologies
  • Black brushed aluminium housing
  • Super-flat design (13 mm)

The headphone outputs of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops are not usually very powerful. This often impairs audio quality. The Premium Headphone Amp No. 1 takes the strain off of the device outputs. Its high-quality analogue amplifiers are optimally tuned to each other. They drive and control the connected headphones with exceptional accuracy and provide greater volume, dynamics and precision. In addition, the unit also protects the battery of the mobile device and increases its service life. The Premium Headphone Amp No. 1 also has a high-quality digital/analogue converter to replace the integrated, usually basic, sound cards of devices such as PCs and laptops. This further boosts the sound quality. The analogue volume controller with integrated on/off switch makes the amplifier very easy to use.



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